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What is the Price of the Software?
The software costs $425.00 per year for 1 selling station, $850.00 for 2 selling stations, $1100 for 3 selling stations, $1300 for 4 selling stations, each additional selling station after 4 is $100 each. Each computer running our software that sells tickets or concessions is considered a "selling station". There is no cost for reporting or communications software.

What are my payment options?
We accept checks, American Express, Master Card, and Visa.

How long does it take to get the system installed?
Most systems can be configured and shipped within 7-10 days.

What kind of network is supported?
Any windows compatible network will work.

What is the demo password?
Boxoffice. (One word)

How many days in advance can tickets be sold?
There is no limit on the number of days in advance a ticket can be sold, however, tickets can only be picked up either 14 or 90 days in advance depending on the version being used.


Can I see reports from an outside location?
Yes. The RTS Ticketing Software supports various remote administration options (at no additional cost):

1. Internet Data Transfers can be sent via e-mail or received on demand if both the POS and the remote site are connected to the internet.

2. TCP Networking can be used to connect to the server and obtain real-time data. This option allows for a remote computer to be connected to the server just like an office machine inside the theatre.

Are the numbers of tickets sold and seats remaining shown?
Yes. They are displayed on the selling screen in real time. There are also two configurable low seat warning levels.

How many different prices does the software support?
Nine ticket prices per show time and up to 10,000 concession prices.

Does the software report ending serial numbers by day?
Yes. Serial numbers are printed on each non-advanced ticket and the box office reports display the ending serial numbers by day.

Are touchscreens supported and/or required?
Touchscreens are supported but not required. They are strongly recommended when you have more than 4 screens.

Is a dedicated network server required?
No, the software is configured using a peer- to- peer network with one of the ticketing computers acting as the file server. Data is backed up across the network, should the server fail the software will be reconnected to another machine and the data restored.

How much does ticket stock cost?
Ticket stock for thermal clamshell printers is approximately 1/5 of a cent per ticket. Ticket stock for the Practical Automation ticket printer is approximately 1.1 cents per ticket.

Does Ready Theatre Systems supply the computers?
RTS can supply custom computer solutions, the RTS IP6215 or POS5176 touchscreen/computer combo is the preferred solution, if you would like us to pre-configure your system and provide new desktop computers contact sales for a quotation.








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