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January 15th, 2019



  • Added additional security logging to the general log
  • Added comp support to the quick service interface
  • Added general selling interface to web reporting
  • Added the ability to 86 items and prevent sales of these items during the transaction
  • Added the ability to rename the sales item associated with 3rd party gift card sales and redemption
  • Added the ability to update the transaction counter for Honduras tax settings



  • Updated content management to better support how and when images are automatically downloaded.
  • Updated the custom receipts to support printable gift certificates
  • Updated the custom receipts to support printable passes
  • Updated the method used to remove posters from the rotating poster signs
  • Updated the payment authorization procedure for API E2E payments
  • Updated the payroll export configuration window to better support different resolutions.
  • Updated the payroll export configuration window to display any users with timeclock enabled.
  • Updated ticket daily report to better support viewing both open and closed performances
  • Optimized API - refund ticket procedure
  • Optimized logging in and clocking in when using mag cards



  • Fixed login not prompting with the password warning when only the default password exist
  • Fixed loyalty registration issues on the kiosk
  • Fixed problem causing custom receipts to cut prematurely on gift card transactions
  • Fixed problem causing the Deposit breakdown report to not include all shifts.
  • Fixed Web Reports - Ticket Log showing duplicate performances
  • Resolved issue with blocked cookies for online gift card sales












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